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to restore hearing loss and connect you to people and life.

We carry all major brands:

Bernafon Hearing Aids

We believe Siemens is currently the world leader in both quality and technology for most applications.  We work with people to find the right hearing aids for their degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

With the rapid advancement of technology, it’s possible to get very good instruments at a cost anyone can afford.


LACE Hearing Rehabilitation Program

LACE is a proven program that’s quick, affordable and easy for anyone to improve their ability to comprehend conversations in the most difficult listening situations.  We are such believers, we provide LACE to all our clients with the purchase of hearing aids.


Assistive Listening Devices

There are many technologies for connecting the hearing impaired to the world.  Our hearing aid specialists are experts in helping people find the most appropriate devices to enhance their satisfaction with hearing aids everywhere they go in their life.

Induction Loops (also known as Hearing Loops) are one of the most effective ways to bring clear, noise-free sound to Churches, Concert Halls, Movie Theaters, Sports Stadiums, Museums, Airports, Mass Transit Systems and other public venues.

CaptionCall phones allow a person greater comprehension through seeing what is spoken on a screen while listening to the caller.  They are available FREE to Oregon residents.

Custom Ear Protection & Musician’s Monitors

Most hearing loss is preventable if one is willing to wear hearing protection.

Musicians, Swimmers, Marksmen, Hunters, Woodsmen, Factory Workers, Law Enforcement, Weekend Warriors, Duck/Beaver Fans and anyone who values their hearing.

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