Our Free and Fee Services


What’s FREE:

  • Screenings

 15 min. test determines treatable loss or not.

  • Full Evaluations

60 min. several tone and speech tests.

  • Hearing Aid Repair

We’ve been called miracle workers, so most, but not all, repairs are free.  We service all makes and models.

  • Reprogramming & Precision Fitting

We provide this service to anyone regardless of where they got their aids.

  • Specification Testing

For people whose aids are not performing as well as they could? Batteries going dead too fast? We utilize a HIT box to ensure hearing instruments are up to manufacturers specifications.

What’s not Free:

  • Factory Repairs

Aid is outside factory warranty – 6 & 12 month Warranties on work performed.

  • Full Eval, Fitting and Lifetime Follow-up

For those with aids purchased on the internet or they inherited them.

  • Custom Ear Protection

For Musicians, Swimmers, Marksmen, Hunters, Woodsmen, Factory Workers, Law Enforcement, Weekend Warriors, Duck/Beaver Fans and anyone who values their hearing.  Costs vary.

  • Musicians Monitors

Westone and Etymotic.  Costs vary.

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